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  • Blue Origin New Shepard craft Jeff Bezos sets the stage for Sunday test launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard spaceship
  • Proniras Corp. launches in Seattle, scores .5 million contract to develop new seizure drug
  • Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Animated GIF shows ‘snow’ on Rosetta’s comet – and sends chills around the world
  • Smartsheet raises 0M in IPO, setting stock price at /share, above expected range
  • DocuSign prices shares at as digital signature giant raises 5M in IPO
  • Starbucks meets expectations with B in quarterly revenue, shares down slightly
  • TLDR: Snap Spectacles are back, Seattle-to-Vancouver ‘nerd bird,’ Nintendo Switch
  • LinkedIn among Microsoft’s fastest growing businesses as B investment begins to pay off
  • Intel’s Data Center Group takes advantage of booming cloud business in Q1
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