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    And by the way, the cold pees are definitely a thing. Its called cold diuresis, and its why when a person goes into the cold after being roasty-toasty, they may quickly need to pee. As we learned earlier, the body performs a process called vasoconstriction in response to cold, reducing circulation to the skin and extremities. When this happens, the amount of blood in your core goes up, also boosting arterial blood pressure. Homeostatic nugget that you are, the body tries to lower this pressure by asking the kidneys to reduce your blood volume by taking water out of your blood and sending it to the bladder. Its also why coming in from the cold can make you thirsty: you made extra pee and now need to rehydrate.

    In writing this, I went outside and sat in the cold. I tried to imagine what could be good about the sensation, how the tightness in my chest could be a pleasure. I sucked cold air and turned it into clouds. I had to pee. My brain stem rang loud alarms about imminent danger. I know there are people who enjoy the cold but dear reader, I have not been able to transform myself into one of them. But if you are, stay warm out there. And if you start to ever feel confused or fumbling in cool weather, take it seriously. It might save your life.

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