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    27 April 2018

    Golfer Jack Nicklaus says stem cell therapy cured his back pain

    It only takes a few minutes to cook this frozen cauliflower gnocci.

    Finally, the moment of truth: the taste test.

    I divvied up the gnocchi to try it plain, with tomato sauce and then with a brown butter-sage sauce which is how it's served in the picture on the package. I also enlisted the help of my 7-year-old, who I had to pay to persuade him to try it.

    Without anything, the gnocchi are definitely very cauliflower-forward, so they need some kind of sauce if you're not a fan of that flavor. With the sauce, though, the cauliflower taste fades to the background, and the texture is a pretty spot-on stand-in to the traditional soft dumpling.

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